Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling Festive?

I’ve not really been in the mood for much this weekend. I’ve been royally down about the recent death of my friend and the funeral on Friday was just – wow – there are no words. That was the first time I have cried so publicly since I was a teenager.

I’m ouching pretty badly at the moment and keeping my motivation up has been tricky. It always helps when you have a little one around though and my son can make me smile no matter what the cause of my blues. He and Chloe have kept my chin up this weekend and as we enter a new week, I’m finding fun things to plan.

The Christmas light switch on in Manchester is this week and last year’s X Factor winner, Joe McElderry, who my son absolutely loves, is switching them on. That will be followed by fireworks and general festivities and me, my son and Chloe will all be going. When I reminded him it was this week as I took him to school this morning he was hugely excited.

I’m excited about Christmas this year. I will wake up on Christmas morning surrounded by my happy – my girl, my son, my two crazy dogs. And then it will be time to see what Santa brought my son. Then it will be off to Chloe’s parent’s house for a festive breakfast and then to my sister’s where I’ll spend the day with her, her boyfriend, my nephew, girlfriend and son (and of course, the dogs... we won’t leave them on their own on Christmas day)!

After the dinner, my best friend and his fiancée will also be joining us and there will be time for board games and festive films. That right there is my happy. The people I love and the simple things.

I have the most amazing family and friends and I’m so completely grateful to them for putting up with me 

Counting down the days to Christmas here....

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