Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Cuban Skies

I fell in love with Cuba when I visited 3 years ago. The deep blue Havana skies at night coupled with the relative calm of the city (compared to other world capitals) just resonated with me. I love the colonial architecture, the palm lined streets, the posters and propaganda from a history tainted with revolution...

I planned to go back as soon as possible and it was always going to be this summer. I wanted my son to see the island.

Chloe mentioned that she did not want a church wedding last week.... I was relieved. She is not religious but I know her parents had mentioned a church wedding. I would have given her a church wedding had she so desired that, though I would have felt a complete hypocrite given that I am not Christian.

“I’d love to get married on a white beach...”

And the conversation went from there. We had talked about holidaying in Cuba anyway this year and have now decided to marry there. We’ll be getting married on 7th May 2011 with our close friends and our families. They will spend a few days out there with us, before going home and leaving us to Honeymoon.

I can’t wait.

I’m counting the days...164 to be precise. 164 days until I become the husband of the most beautiful lady on the planet. 164 days until she shares a name with me. 164 days until we make the lifelong commitments we have already pledged “official.”

On the Atlantic coast of the Caribbean Island of Cuba, on the white sand of Varadero beach, I’ll commit everything to her. Because she’s everything to me.

My son is going to be a pageboy and is very excited by his role. While he refers to Chloe in person as “Chloe,” her refers to her to my sister as “Mum,” from time to time.... He’s welcomed her into his life in a Motherly role and she loves him only as a Mother could. She will never replace the memory of Anje (his Mother) but her presence is bringing him peace and happiness. And seeing the two of them together makes my heart leap.

This is what family feels like : )

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