Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Compromise

No Compromise

There are some things that I will not compromise on when it comes to relationships. By the same token, there are always some compromises that have to be made and that’s a part of life, but the things I insist upon having in a relationship (and that I thankfully have in my beautiful Fiancee) are:-

- An understanding of my role as a parent. My son is the most important thing in my whole life. My former was understanding of it and I have also been lucky that my Fiancee not only accepts it, but embraces it and absolutely loves it.

- Ambition. I’ve never been good at being with people who have no ambition. There’s nothing wrong with doing a 9-5 and just wanting to “pay the bills.” But the nature of my personality is that I am ambitious and I cannot be with people who are not. I like to be with someone with dreams – and not just dreams that sit there dormant occupying their thoughts on lazy afternoons. I mean dreams they work towards achieving. Whether it’s being a novelist, running their own business or getting promoted. I just like someone who had a dream and who does something to achieve it.

- Intelligence. Call me a snob if you will but I love intelligent girls and I have to be with someone who can hold a conversation and (now this will make me sound snobby) spell and use punctuation. Perhaps it’s the writer within but I’m pedantic when it comes to words (typos exempt lol). Brains do matter. This boy digs the brainy girls and my Chloe is certainly up there : )

- A sense of tradition. So call me old fashioned but I like to open doors, take coats and pull out chairs for my beautiful Fiancee. This is something I picked up growing up with a committed Argentine Catholic Mother. Her friends would come around when I was just a little boy and I learnt from then that when ladies come to the house you look after them. I think chivalry is underrated. I’ve dated women who have been offended by it, though, which is disappointing. I really think the traditional Gentleman’s role is dying...

I can’t compromise on those things. They are too important. And I just feel so completely blessed to have found someone who “fits the bill,” and who loves me as much as I love her.

Everyone has things they won’t compromise on, surely? What are yours?

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