Friday, November 5, 2010

A Long Goodbye

For you I raise a glass and smile
But all the while
I cry inside.
For I can hide
The bitter sting.
But darkened rings
Around my eyes,
From sleepless nights and tears I’ve cried,
They tell a tale all on their own.
But I know now I’m not alone,
I’ve learnt (and grown)
That tears are fine,
We can’t avoid them all the time.
Your absence is the cause of mine,
And I, indeed, I do believe
That losing you
Is cause to grieve.
But this is not about my pain,
Nor anguish, heartbreak,
Cheeks tear stained.
This day is for a glass raised high
For memories and long goodbyes,
While we know well, tears will occur,
We’ll smile as well, for all you were,
For words you said and things achieved,
We wave goodbye and then we grieve.

I hold your smile in my soul,
Your laugher in my mind
And every word you ever said to me
Is engraved upon my heart.
Today and every day 

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