Friday, November 26, 2010

Proud Uncle

My nephew is adorable.

He's 19 months old now with thick curly black hair and big brown eyes. He's got the cheekiest little grin in the world. I called into my sister's this morning after takingm my son to school (I'm away for the weekend from tonight so won't see her for our usual Sunday lunch catch up). He came running over to the door with his Tippee Cup in hand shouting "Unky, unky, unky, unky." It's the newest "word."

Until my sister had her little boy I had never really spent time with children of that age. As many of you will know, I was not even aware my son existed until he was 4. While I spent a lot of time angry at his Mother for that, I look at mine and his relatinship now and I'm too grateful for him to be angry about missing 4 years. We've more than made up for that in the two years I've had him.

So spending time with a baby-then-tot was new to me. They're so funny at his age though. They have these little characters and he even pulls the same indignant "no" face when he gets told off, that my sister pulls when she does not get her own way lol. He has so many of her mannerisms.

His Father was a friend of mine. He was seeing my sister for a while but basically abandoned her when she found out she was pregnant, couldn't even be bothered turning up when he was born... or in the months after his birth. He did turn up drunk on her doorstep on Father's day this year demanding to see him. Needless to say, the door was closed in his face and at the moment there is some initial research going in to finding out if my sister's Fiance can adopt the little one. Her Fiance has been with my sister since the little one was born basically and he looks to him as a Father. He calls him "Dada," and in the brief few months he and my sister took some time out (he returned to his native Brazil before coming back) my newphew missed him terribly. The three of them are a perfect, perfect family. Her Fiance would love more kids, though after she had my newphew she had to be sterilised for medical reasons. He knows this and simply says, "well we will adopt." He only ever wants to be with her and you can see that in the way he looks at her.

Chloe and I love spending time with them and my son loves "being the grown up" around my newphew.

My baby sister has experienced her difficulties in the past and to look at her now, smiling, happy and enjoying her family setup is just amazing.

And I will say it again - my little newphew is absolutely adorable.

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