Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mary Byrne: Why I am a Sucker for Reality TV

I know that reality TV shows, like X Factor (or American Idol, Britain's Got Talent etc etc) are very much manufactured and edited and that the contestants go through God knows how many rounds of pre-production auditioning before they even see the judges, but I still love them. And that's not only because my little boy loves them! It's because they really give certain groups an opportunity for exposure that no other platform could ever offer.

Mary Byrne, who was featured on tonight's UK episode of X Factor, is now my favourite to win it. When she first came on, I said to myself, "I like her.... I hope she's good." And omg... wow. What a voice and what a wonderful character.

In the shallow muysic industry where everything (at least where female singers are concerned) seems to be about being peroxide blonde, anorexic and in your late teens, a mid fifties, down to Earth normal supermarket check out assistant would have no chance. But reality TV shows make it so that she actually could be recognised for her voice. Even if she doesn't win the show this year (I have a good feeling, based on both her talent and the editing of the show giving her so much air time, that she will make the finals) she will still be known and could still make a reasonable living from her talent.

GO Mary. She's my personal favourite of this year's show. I love her.

Here's the video...(oh and do enjoy Cheryl Cole... who is the sexiest woman on the planet second only to my Chloe)!

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C x said...

She's really inspirational. Oh and I agree about Cheryl Cole honey. =)

Adam babe I love you. Don't stress about drama about crap and lies babe. We know the truth. It's all that matters =)