Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Productive Days

Today I had a productive meeting with some contacts from Toronto. I'm feeling good about it as it's a great business set up for me.

It was a little hectic since I was originally scheduled to go out there to meet them. However, a few bits and peices cropped up and I couldn't go out there. I had assumed that might mean the end of any potential deal and I called them and told then.

A short while later they called back.

"Since you were here last time, it's out turn to travel anyway. We'll come to Manchester."

And so they did.

We'll have a number of meetings over the course of this week but it's looking like there's a great deal to be had out of this. Unfortunately that's pretty much all I can say at the moment.

But.... you know when you have a really productive day and you come out the other end of it feeling all the better? Well that is where I am at: Grinning ear to ear.

And tonight... well my boy is with my sister until Friday so it's the gym, some dinner and a couple of hours leisure time. I'm in the midst of a freebie making frenzy in Second Life and I might just get back to it. It's been good to get some time in there after weeks of only being able to pop in for 20 minutes a week :)

It's a good month.... in spite of the shockingly bad British weather.

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