Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Weekend

After a great holiday, it was back down to Earth with a bump this week.... with a bloody hard and busy week.

I had planned to go to the North East today with my sister, nephew and son. However, she's not feeling so good so it's a vegging day for me and my boy. We went for a run this morning and now I am catching up on some blogging and he is playing his video games. He gets a few hours a week maximum on his video games... I prefer him to have more active hobbies. But a lazy Saturday is on the cards.

Tomorrow, I will be helping Chloe to move her stuff into a new place she has found. She was staying here while I was away but has now finally found some place close by that she likes and will be moving in soon.

She and I are back together [insert cheesy grin]. But of course, it's early days and way too early to be thinking of living together. But her being so close by means she can come around whenever she wants and spend time with me and my boy. He is over the moon. He loves her and really benefits from the female presence.

So today is a happy day....

How are you lot doing? :)

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