Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lucky Man

DISCLAIMER: This post is not aimed at anyone. It is not a message for anyone. It's not a dislay of any subconscious feelings I am unable to express and, Jesus Christ, it's not a dig at anyone!

As you can imagine, I am in a good mood today :)

Last night I told my son about Chloe moving in. I decided I would tell him alone and make it rather casual just in case there were any unexpected adverse reactions.

"Hey buddy, I've got some news!"

"What's happening?"

"Well... I've asked Chloe if she wants to come and live with us."


He jumped up and cheered, which was so cute to see :) He adores her.

"Is she coming now?" he contnued,

"No - not now. You remember she has already promised someone she will live in their house for three months?"


"Well, when that three months is done, so in 2 months, then she is going to come and live with us."

"Shall we pain the spare room?"

"She's actually going to move into my room..."

"Oh. Ok..... well.... shall we paint your room?"

"I just decorated my room."

"I know... but girls like different colours."

"Why don't we just ask Chloe what she thinks?"

"Ok, Dad."

I'm delighted that he's pleased. He adores her and she loves him. It's the best possible scenario.

Neither Chloe nor I are naive enough to think it will all be plain sailing. This is a little boy whose Mother died almost a year ago. And although she and I had never been together during his lifetime and he had been living with me for some time before her death, it has been a massive adjustment and obviously, a lot of grief. Chloe knows what being his Daddy is and she knows I come as a twosome.... and she's not only 'ok' with that, but says she wouldn't want it any other way.

I'm a lucky guy. And I won't be forgetting it!

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