Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Frikkin Good Offer - With a Sting!

I was offered 100 blogs today for a small fee of $750. They were ready established blogs - had been going for a year minimum (some for three). They were on topics ranging from finance to health.

Now for those of you who know I work in Internet Marketing and SEO, you would know this is a potentially amazing offer. The lowest PageRank amongst them was a 3.

However.... a sting in the tail. The guy has just spent the last 3 years developing these blogs on .wordpress domains.

Big no no if you really want to establish any value.

At the end of the day, what it means is that could come along one day and shut them down. What that in turn means is they have no real value.

I advised him of why I couldn't buy the blogs and I believe he went on to sell those then at a much, much, much lower price to someone prepared to take the risk.

But anyone thinking of developing loads of blogs or websites in order eventually to monetize them - you're so much better off with an unlimited hosting package and owning the domains. You are actually building up the equity in something you really own then.

This is my hobby blog, hence running it on a .blogspot. But I really own nothing here. Blogspot, which is Google owned, owns the domain and essentially therefore the blog itself.

I'm going to put together a tutorial this week going back to the basics. Some people are really put off by the fact they have to go about it "on their own," whereas everything is done for them on a .wordpress or .blogspot. But it's really simple. Domains are cheap... hosting is cheap and a Wordpress installation is free. So I will get a tutorial together this week and post sometime next weekend.

Anyhow, a lazy Saturday for me. My son is with my sister and my girlfriend is visiting her parents and won't be back until tomorrow. So it's a lazy one in for me tonight :)

Hmm... pizza and a film I think!

Have a great weekend everyone

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