Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 Promises to Myself

In light of my newly optimistic mood, here are 5 promises I have made (and will be trying my damnedest to stick to).

- Don't read the blogs of shit stirrers and drama queens trying to get attention. Yes, while it's laughable and entertaining for myself and my friends, it achieves little other than to waste my time. I have removed several blogs from my reader this morning and I won't be going back to them :) From now on, I will read useful blogs.I've kept most of the poetry blogs I have on my reader and I love to go to those. I have removed those whose poetry is aimed at pissing people off or whose poetry is becoming "stale" and "samey." I'm keeping the original ones. I will read blogs that contribute something positive to my day. Fortunately for me, 90% of the blogs on my reader do indeed. But a quick clear out this morning has seen to it that the ones that don't are bye-bye!

- Spend half an hour every single day (even if it means staying up half an hour later) relaxing or doing something I love recreationally. Half hour isn't much and I know I could force that in and would feel better for it. Whether it's half hour cuddled up on the couch with my girl, half hour in front of the telly or half hour in Second Life.... I will set aside 30 minutes a day for stuff I love to do.

- Read something every single day that makes me laugh until my eyes water.

- Count my blessings daily. It's all too easy to forget that. I could do it as I'm strolling over to work, just make a conscious note of everything in my life that is wonderful.

- Make someone smile. I want to make at least one person smile on a daily basis.... let's see how that goes :)

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Beth Dale said...

Hey Josue,

Thanks for the post. I needed something like that to read this week. I lost my brother from an accident earlier this week and he was more than just a big brother to me, he was like my dad. So your post reminded me that I still need to find things that make me laugh (even if I am hurting), that I do need to count my blessings for what I have and what I have had and I need to go out of my way to make others smile. I may have pain and hurt, but I know others do too and they could use a smile just as much as me.

Thanks again!