Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beauty of Diversity in Thought

My friends see life in fascinating ways. I'm lucky. I've been putting together some ideas for a potential machinima series focussing on the different ways in which people think.

I started by asking a combination of online and offline friends and family for their answers to a few questions. This one in particular, I got some really amazing responses to. I'm not going to name names,specify ages or mention anything about the individuals who sent the answers, because I think that really glazes over the beauty of diverse thinking. When we begin to identify thoughts with people, we look for motives as to why their thoughts are like that and we overlook the basic beauty of differences in the way we think, the things we want and the way we view the world.

I asked: What three things do you want the most right now?

Loads of money, a fit girlfriend and a new job!

My washing machine to be fixed, the kids to sleep through for just one night and to pay less tax.

To see you smile like you mean it, to see Mum for just a minute and for the boys to grow up happy.

To get my Mum back, an iPhone and to be allowed to stay up later on school nights.

A week of sunshine, a new car and a pepperoni pizza.

Good sex, a porsche and a job!

Manchester United to win the Premier League, my girlfriend to get out of hospital and a full nights sleep.

To be able to hear, for my Husband to come back and a new PC.

To beat my cancer, to be able to forgive God, to become a better human being.

A university degree, a record deal and to undo my infidelity.

I just took the first ten I got and the diversity in the responses is incredible. Some people interpreted what they want to be what they want in life while some addressed their immediate desires. But the difference in how people see what they want is really beautiful. Or maybe it's just me that thinks so? But anyway....

From iPhones to faith, pizzas to love....

What do you want?


C xx said...

You know my answers. They're on your list. I wondered why you were asking me weird questions!

This is truly beautiful. I've never thought about thoughts like this before

Sunflower said...

Three things I want the most right now? A good man who loves me, whom I love in return, a music keyboard, and to finish my $@%#! Master's thesis!