Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A MASSIVE (and Wonderful) Move

I've invited Chloe to live with me.

I hear you all.

"Whoah, whoah, whoah... fast move there sunshine."

BUT... allow me to elaborate.

Just before I went on holiday in July, CHloe had been experiencing a few problems at her place owing to the last tenant and she began to feel really insecure there. As such, she stayed at mine while I was away and moved into a short term 3 month let when I got back.

Because she's now almost a month in to the 3 month let she has been looking for somewhere more permanent - like a 12 month thing.

Now, what all of that means is that it would be 14 months until she was looking for somewhere else to live again. Things between her and I are going great. Really amazingly well. So... I asked her to consider moving in when her 3 month let at the short term place is up.

I have many a good reason for this:-

1 - I've known her years and years and trust her wholeheartedly.
2 - I dont want to wait 14 months to move in with her
3 - My son loves having her around. A female influence is so so amazing for him.
4 - I'm completely and utterly in love :)

So, I nervously met her for lunch and asked (half expecting a 'whoah, no,')

"When this lease is up in October..."


"Well... erm. Would you like... could you. Do you...."

"Adam? What's up?"

"Would you move in with me when your lease is up?"


"You can say no if you want and I wont be offended. Well, I might. But I won't be mad at you. Well..."

"Stop talking for a second."


"Yes, I will move in with you. I'd want nothing more."


That's the first time (and will be the last) that I have ever asked anyone to move in with me. I lived with one partner prior but she had asked if she could move in with me and it sort of just happened. It was nothing like this... I don't get nervous. I really don't.

But, I suppose when you're truly in love and terrified to lose someone that nerves would be expected when asking a big question, so I forgive myself.

And tonight, I will tell my boy the good news. He's wanted this for weeks!

"Can Chloe stay tonight? Can Chloe live here? Where's Chloe?"

He'll be delighted.

I'm over the moon. She knows me inside out, knows what living with me entails - what with a busy liefstyle and a young son - and she loves all of it.

Today is one of the best days :D


C xx said...

Sorry youre getting hassled about posting about this honey.

I'm so happy this is happening for us and ignore cynics. I AM happy. I AM secure and I know we're going to be happy for good.

C xx

Sunflower said...

Congrats! I always feel it's such a wonderful, precious thing when people meet someone they love, who loves them back - and who accepts them as they are :)