Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One of my sister's acquaintances had her son taken from her and put into care this week. It turns out she'd been leaving him home for hours and hours in the evening despite him being only 5. She wasn't going out to work or anything - she was going to the pub.


Leaving your 5 year old home alone so you can go drinking?!

What the??

As a parent, you don't get to prioritise yourself. Yes, you'll make time for yourself as is healthy. But the decisions you make in your day to day life are centred around what's best for your family.

Everything is affected by having children:

  • Where you go
  • When you go
  • Who you go with
  • Where you work
  • The hours you work
  • What you watch on TV
  • the company you keep
  • Relationships you enter and leave (as a single parent)

It all has to be determined by what's best for you and your children as unit. And as a parent, those decisions never feel like sacrifices because they're for them... they're for those little people whose smiles warm your heart. And that never feels like a hindrance. Never.

I despise selfish parents. Children are a wonderful gift to life and I can think of many people I know personally who cannot or simply have not had children for one reason or another and who would make spectacular, selfless parents. Seeing and hearing about kids with parents who have no idea about prioritisation and who behave like kids themselves makes me so sad and so angry for the people who would make great parents and who cannot.

/end rant


California Red said...

Many so called "adults" want to BE the perpetual child rather than selflessly raise a child.

A child in that sort of life is like a shiny new toy or checkbox to tick off; hoping it will proove some sort of personal achievment.

I feel sad for those hearts and minds that can not wrap around that parenting is a 24/7 job!

My heart lept that someone else gets that when you are a single parent-you can not date the same way you were single. The single parent needs to be a cautious person because much MORE is at risk than your own heart.

If a potential mate can not "deal" with my dedication to my kids then I do not want them in my life. We are a packaged deal!

~Ends sidecar rant~

Adam said...

Your rant is well justified, Lisa! Well justified indeed :)