Friday, March 16, 2012

Love Without Question

Keep chasing your dreams, son,
No matter how far.
Reach for the moon, son,
Take hold of the stars.
Love with your heart,
And not with your head.
Love just for loving,
No reason instead.

“I like a girl at tennis club. She’s pretty but she’s older than me.”

“How old?” I asked my son as we drove back from his tennis training tonight.

“She’s nine.”

“Wow… yes, that is older than you.”

A year is a lifetime when you’re 8. But he’s keen on her. I knew that for sure when he told me:

“I gave her my smoothie.”

He’s rather protective of his strawberry and banana smoothies so I figures it must be the real deal.

“Does she like you?”

“Don’t know…”

And the subject was dropped for a few minutes.

“I shouldn’t really like her should I? She’s in the group higher.” I pulled over. This conversation needed my full attention. “Why’ve you stopped?” he asked.

“Cos this is serious, buddy.”


“Why do you like her?” I asked him

“I don’t know. Just do…”

“So then yes – you should like her.”

“Even if she’s 9?”

“Even if she’s 9. Sometimes you just like someone and the best thing you can do is to just enjoy it. Don’t get all caught up in questions.”
“You’re getting serious, Dad.”

“Good point. You get what I’m saying though, don’t you?’

“Yep. Are we having pizza for dinner? It’s Friday!?”

Yes, yes, it’s a little 8 year old crush. But it amazes me how human nature even so young is to question why you like something or someone.

If I could only hope one thing for my son, it’s that he grows up to love with his heart, not his head. To never question practicalities and to allow practical say to say stuff to be a reason to walk away from love. I don’t want him to ever have regrets in that respect.

If we only ever loved those we should love for practical reasons, we’d all be married to our next door neighbour’s and would never have taken any chances.

Anyway, random thoughts over for the night.

Have a great weekend, folks.

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