Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day - Here's to the Women in my Life

It’s International Women’s Day, so what better time to pay tribute to the women in my life? J

My Wife

Chloe is a talented designer, creative by nature. She’s a loving Mother, a faithful, beautiful, passionate and honest wife and is, without doubt, my best friend. This woman makes all the days better.

My Daughter

The littlest and youngest lady in my life is my 6 month old daughter, who’s so pretty she takes my breath away just about every single time she flashes that cute little smile my way.

My Sister

Beautiful, intelligent, talented, sweet, loyal, caring, kind and a wonderful Mother too. She’s been there for me her entire life, in spite of the fact I haven’t always been the best brother. Her love is unwavering. She knows me inside out.

My Mother

No longer around, unfortunately, but the biggest female influence in my life. I take so much solace in knowing how much she would love my family, how much she’d spoil the kids, how much she’d love shopping with Chloe. I miss her so much I cannot breathe some days. A woman who lost her husband to a tragic accident, leaving her with 2 young children to bring up. She did so in the UK, despite Spanish being her first language and her English, at the time, not being so great. She worked as hard as she possibly could, some evenings coming home so exhausted from her manual job that all her bones and muscles ached. And then she made dinner, she cleaned up and she helped me and my sister with out homework. My Mother was the most amazing woman and I, the luckiest son.

My Son’s Biological Mother

Anje. How we miss her still. Despite the fact she and I were no longer together, she remained a close friend. Our disputes were never long lasting, always defeated by our shared love for our son. She was always honourable enough to admit her mistakes, put them right and make amends. A genuinely kind hearted soul taken far, far, far too young.

Some people are just always intended for worlds more beautiful than this one.

My Female Friends

I have some wonderful female friends both here in Manchester and overseas. I’m blessed to know wonderful Mothers, epic creative, inspiring writers and hardworking, determined women. You’re all a blessing to my life.

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