Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Transition – a period of change, a period of transformation from one state to another.

That’s where I was at for a number of years.

I made a few changes recently that signified the end, for me, of a state of transition.

I settled down!
Married with children and LOVING it. I made the decision that the time was right, that I was with the woman I definitely wanted to spend the rest of my life with and that I wanted her to be the Mother of my children. Fortunately she felt the same : )

This signified the end of my transition from jumped up little commitment phobe to the man my Mother always knew deep down I wanted to be.

Let An Old Blog Go
Recently, I let my former Second Life related blog go. Completely go. I loved it back in 2007, but it’s been largely dormant since 2009, still taking a few thousand visits a month but I felt almost guilty for the outdated content those visitors would be reading. Second Life just isn’t a significant enough part of my life anymore to justify maintaining a blog. That was the last connection between me and that period of my life in which I was spending some 30, 40 or even 50 hours a week in Second Life. I’m not saying everything about SL was bad and I would still love to pop back from time to time and catch up with a couple of old friends.

There were places, people and activities that made SL truly important to me. There were days I could be ‘in world’ for 16 hours and still at the end not feel as though I was ready to log out. I met some amazing people, experienced some wonderful things and learnt a lot about myself, others and the immersive online experience.

The place was virtual. The people were and are real and there are many I am still in touch with and whose happiness is the source of a smile for me.

It was time to let that blog go. It isn’t me anymore.

Cut my Working Hours
I have a business that offers me and my beautiful family a comfortable lifestyle. It was hard earned and lots of work. But it’s reached a point where I have people working with me who I trust completely. As such, I’ve cut my working hours down from the 50 or so I was spending in the office to 30. It might not be a drastic cut, but it means I can pick my little boy up from school some days and it means I have more time to spend with my family.

That is the real reward of this. It’s not about the materialisms. It’s about the luxury of being able to enjoy my family for even more hours of the week.

Transitioning Together
I often believe that people who are closely connected on some level do a lot of transitioning together. Their transitions are all often very different, but the experience of change is something they experience together in one way or another, whether in the same room or an ocean apart. I have many friends both near and far who have experienced an immense transition in recent years and who are now emerging stronger, happier and more fulfilled people. I love to see that.

Transition teaches painful lessons. But the rewards are priceless.

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