Thursday, November 24, 2011

For Mothers

For my wife, my sister and for all the other Mothers I have the pleasure of knowing.

You are beautiful.

                        Inside and out.

The selfless sacrifices you make for your children never cease to amaze me. You give up your body to them, your heart to them, your soul to them. They become a part of you.

You make decisions not for yourselves solely, but based on what the children need and what the children want.

You inspire me.

You instinctively know when something isn’t right. And what’s more… you know what to say to make it better. You also know when there is nothing you can say to make it better and have mastered the perfect hug to fit these occasions. It’s a hug that says,

‘I wish I could take your pain away.’

But you can’t. You can’t always fix the problem but it doesn’t matter, because even when the damage is irreparable you, yes YOU, make it hurt less.

You turn bleeding knees and bruised elbows into nothing with a simple magic kiss. You pull the silver lining from colds and tummy bugs with sofa based-under-duvet cuddles accompanied by day time TV that make illnesses worthwhile.

You make the best dinners. Even if dinner is just beans on toast, you guys know how to make it best. And even if someone else (Dad included, it pains me to say) tried to make your speciality, even if it is done the same way and using the same ingredients from the same brands, it does not taste the same. It’s missing something – YOUR magic touch!

Mothers, you are wonderful. You’re selfless, inspiring and utterly incredible.

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