Friday, December 9, 2011


I believe we only ever truly connect with a handful of people in our lifetimes. We can have close friends, lovers, confidantes… but I believe those we have a real connection with are few and far between.

What I mean by a real connection is one such that you know when they’re down, even if they’re not with you, even if you haven’t spoken to them that day… you just know. You can’t explain how but you just feel it.

You also know when they’re happy. You know when something is going well for them. You feel happy too even if they haven’t shared it.

You say the same things at the same times. You know when they’re thinking about you… You have an intrinsic understanding of how what you say or do will impact them.

When you have a connection like that with someone, you’re at your most vulnerable to them and they to you. You give yourself (whether by choice or not) and you just have to hope they will cherish what you give.

I’ve experienced such a connection but a handful of times.

Fortunately for me, though, one such connection became my wife and the Mother of my beautiful daughter and NOW also the legal parent of my son.

Yes, the legal adoption process for Chloe to become recognised as my son’s parent is now complete. Success!

He’s as happy as she is… and what great timing.

Merry Christmas :)


California Red said...

Always good to see those who truly deserve such love, devotion and happiness!

Josue said...

Thank you, Lisa :) Hope you and yours are well