Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Silence and Happy Sounds

Silence is hugely underrated. Sitting there and just breathing, watching your surrounding or thinking without distraction is, perhaps, one of life’s greatest gifts.

I’ve managed to clear out some old junk recently, in metaphoric terms… clearing out some of the people who make the most unwelcome, unconstructively critical, irrational and stirring-the-pot-at-every-opportunity type noise (both people who had been surrounding me and/or Chloe) and my wife and I are feeling much the better for it.

It occurred to me this morning that I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t wondering who was going to be causing trouble by email, phone or text. It occurred to me that the only people in my life now are people who are happy for my happiness. People who are genuinely pleased to see me and my little family together.

So for those friends and family members both near and far…. Cheers :=)

I was once advised that friendships ending does not necessarily mean that either party is just bad… just that their time together as friends was done and they were incompatible in some ways. I’m inclined to agree, perhaps with the only exception being for the type of people who seem to be losing friends every other day… I think in those cases people need to take a look closer to home. But on the whole, I agree that the end of friendships is a natural part of life, a road forking and two individuals having to separate to head their own different ways. When people have different destinations, it does not make sense for their whole journey to be together.

And what is left is the group of friends who are aiming for the same destination, all encouraging one another to get there.

I like sound. Not noise. I like the sound of friends, laughter and encouragement, constructive criticism and the sound of a hand patting your back. I have decided to no longer include in my life people whose sounds are unhappy.

Silence and happy sounds only permitted from here on in :)

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