Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sharing a Home

Chloe and I are very proud of the home we’ve built for our children. There’s a stable environment where the kids will always feel safe. It’s not and never will be about physical possessions. It’s not just about having both parents around either – I have always been a true believer that single parent families can thrive just as dual parent families do. What makes a house a home for kids is a feeling of security and, most importantly, LOVE.

“Your children are so, so lucky,” said a friend of mine last night. This friend was in foster care as a child and is working hard himself to build the sort of home he never had for his wife and child too.

“Thanks,” I responded. “Yours too.”

“I’m thinking I want to foster,” he told me. “I want to give something back. I understand these kids and I think I can be a positive influence.”

And so ensued a conversation last night between he, myself and Chloe about fostering and by the end of it, Chloe was absolutely sold on the idea of her and I applying to become foster parents too.

We’ve always said we want a big family. We have our eldest boy, who is 7, and our baby daughter who is 2 and a half months. We plan another one or two as well (being a Dad is my favourite thing in the world). But what she really wants to do is to provide a safe environment specifically for children who have never, ever had the benefit of such an environment themselves.

Being in short term foster care can be unnerving for children. These are often kids who have never benefitted from any stability and the environment they find themselves in during their stints in foster care can have a huge impact on their lives, on who they become and on their attitude to life.

Chloe feels passionately that we could make a difference to many children’s lives by applying ourselves to become Foster parents.

And I couldn’t agree more.

So I’ve been printing reams and reams of information on what’s involved, the process, how to apply. We want to wait until our youngest is 6 months old or so before applying but we’re both incredibly excited about the prospect of being able to share our home with children who most need a stable and loving environment.

Can’t wait :=)

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