Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling Beautiful

“You know what?” Chloe asked me, wrapping her arms around my waist from behind as I made breakfast this morning.


“I feel sexy again… I feel beautiful.”

“You’ve always been beautiful…” I told her honestly.

“But having a baby, well… It made me feel a little out of shape and, I don’t know, just not as on form as previously.”

I kissed her.

“You make me feel beautiful,” she continued. “You really do.”

And that there is perhaps the most wonderful compliment I’ve been given.

Chloe is naturally very beautiful, a natural looking girl. She doesn’t colour her hair or slap on tonnes of make up. She’s naturally a pretty girl. She’s not too skinny or gaunt looking. She’s a stunning (UK) size 12/14 (I’m writing this with her consent!). She’s simply gorgeous. Her long brown hair, her big beautiful eyes, her sweet smile… I love it all. She’s absolutely stunning.

I’ve always been a fan of the natural look. Overly made up, three-times-weekly hair dye sessions, gaunt and anorexic looking women have never been my thing. I’m a real fan of everything feminine: curves, long hair… I love it.

And I love her. My beautiful, beautiful wife.

Chloe, I’m so glad you got your confidence back, sweetheart. xx

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California Red said...

Never underestimate the strength and beauty of a well-loved woman. You are both so lucky:)