Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November, North America and Nanowrimo

An incredibly busy November lies ahead.

I have been building a business relationship with someone on the other side of Atlantic and a trip that should have taken place some 4 months from now has been moved to… THIS MONTH! Talk about sudden but there there’s a great opportunity, I’m in : )

That leaves Chloe holding the babies for a week – hard work with a tiny baby and a 7 year old with big ideas. She’s incredibly supportive of my business progress though and our little family unit allows Chloe and I to do what we're best at... building a comfortable home, a business and happy children.

I also promised to support my son in his bid to do Nanowrimo this month. He’s so juiced. He has a plot, his characters (all planned ahead of the start of November) and has now began putting pen to paper. I’ll be coaching him via webcam in the week I’m on the North American continent of course : )

And as well as that, we have our Christmas preparations underway. We’re having Chloe’s family and my family at our house for dinner. Having the out of down countryside house has been incredible for my son. He loves the space. He loves to explore and we’re in a fortunate position of being able to accommodate everyone for dinner this year. It’s incredibly exciting for us – our first Christmas as a married couple and our baby girl’s first Christmas too. There’s so much happening.

I’m full of smiles. I’m 30 with a business I love, an amazing wife and two beautiful children. The sky seems so much bluer this year and the busy month ahead will be a phenomenal one.

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