Thursday, December 16, 2010

To My Sister

You’re stronger than you know you are,
With soldier’s soul and woman’s heart,
With strength and gall to brave the grief,
You’re braver than you once believed.

Dear Stacey

When I watched you cradling him just a day after becoming a Mother, I knew immediately that everything was ok now. You’re a Mother like our own, with the same strong morals and beliefs, the same determination to keep him safe and the same intuition.

It’s true what they say. Mothers really are the wisest people on the planet. I see it in you.

You’re a Mother first and foremost in life and it’s a role that seems almost as though it was made for you. But you are also a wonderful sister to me, an amazing friend to so many and I know Carlo believes you also make the perfect soul mate.

And you’re also a daughter. Just because our parents aren’t here, that makes you no less a daughter. You’re a daughter who faces the same challenges every single day – to wake up with an aching heart and I know you do. I know. I know it acutely and I know it when I look in your eyes and I know it when your voice shakes at this time of year when trying to avoid talking about the things that happened. You’re still a daughter, Stacey. You don’t have to pretend not to be.

And I’m here. You talk to me sometimes, but perhaps fear that I can’t handle what you need to say, or the tears you need to cry... it puts you off. I see that too.

I am here. And even if all I can do is listen, hug you and hand you a tissue, let me.

This Christmas will be the best in years. We’ll make sure of it. We have two little men there who are going to have the best day of their lives and don’t they just make everything worthwhile?

Here’s to Christmas, Stace... and an awesome 2011 in store.

Love Adam

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