Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Changes :)

I spent an amazing few days in Iceland. We got one really clear "Northern Lights" viewing night and it was the most humbling experience. It makes you feel so small when you see something as phenomenal as that dominating the night sky. Nature is really very incredible.

My son, Chloe and I had a great relaxation session I feel all the better for it.

I took some time to reflect on the year and decided that, aside from a couple of really major upsets, much of what has had be down for some of the year is stuff I could have avoided by spending a little less time engaged on a personal level virtually.... and as such, I am letting my freebie store in SL go. In fact, I already have. Literally the only reason I log in these days is to pay tier and when it expired this time, I decided just to let that go. I'm just not in world enough to justify it any more and I have no desire to be in world.

I took some time to reflect on the lessons of the year. I learnt a lot... about myself, how others react to me and about others too. But everything is ending on a high.

And not just for me either. It's been a difficult 2010 for a lot of people I know, but for many, it's ending well. My best friend will be married very soon to someone who has completely transformed his life. I will be married in May. My sister will be married not long after and it's just a truly incredible feeling. There are former friends I care silently for who, I believe, are finding happiness too... in the form of new loves or whole new families in some cases. And these happy things are so, so well deserved.

2010 has been a year of change. 2011 will be a year of enjoying what came as a result. And long may the smiles continue.

Today, I'm listening to Biffy Clyro....

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Stacey said...

Here here. Can't wait for all the weddings!