Friday, December 3, 2010

I Love December

It is weekend : ) Well, almost. I’ve been working really long hours the last few weeks. Had so much on and it’s been a case of leaving the office at 6, getting home, spending some time with my Fiancee and son and, when he’s in bed, getting back at the work until 11ish. I promised myself I would not make a habit of those sort of working hours again and as such, I’m taking a long weekend.

I’ve been out of the office the last two days with my son’s being closed due to snow. For some reason, this country grinds to a complete standstill when it snows. “Aaaaargh, it’s a really cold white flake of water!! Everybody in, protect yourselves!” But we have enjoyed it. I worked from home both evenings to compensate for the time off, but during the day he and I built snowmen. He’s got a broken arm at the moment and he can’t throw himself around in the snow as he might like. It’s been frustrating for him but he enjoyed building snowmen this week and yesterday (as it was really too cold to be out too long... we’re not used to these minus ten temps) we had a day in front of the TV with some Christmas movies, a duvet and a lot of hot chocolate. When I get quality time like that, extended to more than just a couple of hours in the evening, with my son, I always feel so refreshed for it. That little guy is so freakin’ amazing. He is a wonderful boy and such a pleasure to have around. I’m one hell of a lucky Father.

I came into the office at 6 this morning in order that I can finish early. My son’s school called yesterday evening to confirm they would be open today and Chloe offered to take him in on her way to work. That meant I could get up at 5, into the office for 6 and I can leave early. I am leaving at lunch time and I taking Monday off too to prep ahead of us going away for a few days and then my family from the canary islands arriving.

Then next week, Friday to Tuesday, I am in Iceland with my son and Fiancee. We’re going to see the Northern Lights. I’m ridiculously excited about that!!

A few days after we are back, my family from the Canary Islands will arrive for Christmas so it’s really all go go go!

I love December : ) (except for the cold)!

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