Monday, December 6, 2010

Ah, Long Weekend

I had an amazing long weekend : )

My little boy, Fiancee and I put our Christmas tree up and went around the Christmas markets. We went to the cinema, went out for a great walk in place of our weekly bike ride (he can’t cycle owing to broken arm) and watched Christmas films.

I promised myself today off work and I have taken it. Chloe took the little man to school this morning and I wrapped gifts first – or tried. Why am I completely incapable of wrapping presents? Chloe wraps gifts of all shapes and sizes and they look amazing. I get left the “easy” ones.... the ones that are just box shaped and should be simple and they look, by the time I have finished with them, like my 6 year old wrapped it – with one arm.

Oh well!! That’s not one of my talents.

On Friday Chloe, me and our little boy are heading off to Iceland to see the Northern lights. We’ll have 4 nights there. I went shopping this afternoon for heavy duty gloves, hats and scarves. We have the coats already taken care of! The temperatures where we are going, ironically, are actually higher than they have been here in Manchester the last week though! Typical! It is forecasted to get pretty chilly! In Reykjavik, where we will spend the first day and night, it’s about 2 degrees... so warmer than here right now lol. However, in Akureyri where we will spend our second night, it’s minus 9. Still not as cold as parts of the UK have been but I bet that will be little consolation if we’re not wrapped up! So the winter wardrobe is well and truly ready and I am really genuinely excited!

Log fires, snow, hot drinks and one of nature’s most spectacular shows! I’m lucky :)

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