Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Parents' Wedding Rings

My sister wears the engagement ring my Mother wore. It's beautiful.

When Carlos came to me and asked my permission to propose to her, I wholeheartedly consented on the condition he took the ring, had it reduced slightly in size to fit my sister's finger and used that ring.

He did so. She wears it now with beaming pride.

My sister and I were discussing my forthcoming wedding yesterday afternoon.

"Are you going to wear Mum and Dad's rings?" she asked.

"I thought you and Carlos should take them?"

"No...." she said. "You and Chloe should wear them. I've got the engagement rings. It's fitting that you should take the wedding rings."

So this morning before I left for to take my son to school (his last day before the Christmas holidays), I took them carefully out and tried my Father's for size. An absolute perfect fit. I have a feeling my Mother's will be the right size for Chloe but she's really very superstitious about trying these before the wedding lol and so we will find out on the day. I'm quite convinced it will be just right though.

"What are you doing?" my son asked as he picked his school back.

"Trying on my Dad's wedding ring." I told him. "This and my Mum's will be the wedding rings me and Chloe wear when we get married."

"I bet they're lucky rings," he said, peering into the box containing my Mother's.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Because your Mum and Dad will be together forever now won't they?"

He says such beautiful things at just the right time...without even realising he does it.

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