Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brinda Allen - On First Life, Second Life and Death

I’m incredibly saddened to hear of the death of Brinda Allen – second life resident, fountain of all knowledge and a simply wonderful lady.

She left many an insightful comment both here and on Pixel Scoop.

Brinda Allen on Life (First and Second) and Death

At 68 I’m a little older than most… I retired from a rather successful career nearly two years after I came to secondlife. Today I rarely mention Secondlife to anyone… it’s much too difficult to explain.
Kinda like sex…you can read about it all day long and not understand what its about. =^..^=

“I come to Secondlife to communicate with people, no other possible venue would allow me the instant intimate connection available here with incredible people from all over the world.”

The magic is... She's your little girl =^..^=
She will adore you until she's about 13.
She will hate you until she's about 17.
She will be the one that you will always be able to count on as long as you live.

"Inteligence demands intelligence..
Respect demands respect...
And some folks you just have to leave where you found them 'cause you can't carry everyone with you."

 Josue... I'm saddened by the pain of your perceived loss. I say perceived because your friend isn't really gone. She had done all she was supposed to do in this life.
Ram Dass had said to his mother as she lay dying that It's like watching a friend in a burning house...the house will be consumed but we will go on forever.

What an incredibly wise soul.

Wherever the next place may be, Brinda, may you rest there in Peace.