Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Days

 She’s due in 2 days. Just 2 days. 48 hours. And I’ve run through a really long list of things I need (and probably some I don’t) fifteen time overs the last week to check, double check and check again that we definitely have everything.

‘Relax,’ my sister keeps telling me. ‘You’ll buy all that stuff and realise you don’t use half of it anyway! It will be fine.’

What is perhaps more impressive is how calm Chloe is.

‘She’ll probably be late,’ she keeps telling… ‘Just like her Daddy.’

I can’t concentrate at work and I think that by the seventh time I had called Chloe at home to make sure there are ‘no signs’ yet, she was getting bored of the sound of my voice.

We agreed that I should not take any time off until the baby is actually born… mostly so that I can enjoy 2 weeks with my new beautiful little girl rather than a week before and only getting a week after. But now I am starting to think there’s little point in me being in the office anyway as I am getting so little done.

I wonder if she’ll have hair. And how much of it. And how tiny her fingers and toes will be and whether she will look like Chloe or me…. And whether she will have features that remind me of my Mother or my sister and whether she will suit any of the names we’ve been debating over for the last few weeks.

But honestly, I don’t care whether she has hair or not… or how loud she cries in the night or how many times we’re woken up in the middle of the night over the next however many years. I just want her here and healthy.

My little Princess, Daddy and your big bro can’t wait to meet you xx

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