Friday, April 22, 2011

My Princess

A baby pink border adorns the wall of the room that will be yours. How that room will change over time... the beautiful innocent baby pink decor may last a few years. And then undoubtedly you will be interested in a cartoon or something at four or five and you will want your room decorated accordingly.

Then that will be “so yesterday,” just a few years down the line and we’ll go for something plainer. Eventually, you will want something to suit your teenage years and that will probably be how your room looks until you go to University.

That room will be the place you laugh, cry... it will be where you talk in private to friends, do homework and listen to me reading bedtime stories to you.

Let me be honest with you, my Princess. I’m terrified. I’ve just learnt how to be a Dad to a little boy. And now I need to learn how to be a Dad to a little girl. I will make mistakes. I will hate your first boyfriend, we’ll fight about it, I will be overprotective and you will probably think that your big Brother gets too much freedom and you not enough. My younger sister always felt like that and she and I are closer in age than you and your brother.

As I said, I will make mistakes. But I promise you I will love you unconditionally and forever. And whatever I do will be done with you in mind. I will protect you, without over sheltering you and I will encourage you to become a strong individual with your own beliefs and your own opinions.

I am so excited. Scared, happy, nervous... ecstatic. Your Mummy and I are so, so grateful for you.

And you will know it... every single day of your life.

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