Saturday, February 5, 2011


Success is different for everyone and undoubtedly a combination, for most, of a number of things. For some, it’s sporting success, being the best at something. For others it is business.

For me, business does matter. It’s not the most important thing in my life, but it matters. It offers my wife to be, son and future children to come some security in the long term. I like to be able to provide. Call me a traditionalist, but I would feel inadequate if, as a man, I was unable to provide for my family. So I work hard, while putting time aside to enjoy my family as well. I’ve expended my company into social media marketing, viral marketing, mobile marketing, PPC as well as SEO. The results we’re getting across all of them are amazing and my sister is also getting involved now too, which is wonderful.

But business isn’t at all the only thing to define success and I think those who get too caught up in business miss out on what truly matters – small things, family time, laughter....the five minutes in a morning that you reserve for a cuddle in bed. It’s not too much of an ask to set an alarm five minutes earlier and it gives Chloe and I five minutes to savour the stillness of the morning and just enjoy one another quietly for a few minutes before the rush of the day begins.
I think for me success is down to balance. Keeping it all going without one area ever impeding too much on another.

I consider myself successful... not because I’m financially comfortable, not because of a car or a status property or any of that shit, but because I’ve finally achieved the balance in life.

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