Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Valentine's Gift

The Best Valentines Gift

We passed on the fancy dinners, weekends away, material crap and general commercial non-spontaneous romance that Valentine's forces upon society this year.

We do romance each and every single day. It's in the kisses, the cuddles, the words we say, the actions we carry out.... it's in the air between us and the atmosphere around us. It's in the vibe that is our household. It's everywhere.

So we felt no need to hold a special weekend or event - we go away for quiet weekends thoughout the year anyway.

But we did go somewhere special. And we did get a special gift....

I have been DYING to write this post. Absolutely DYING to. But I promised I wouldn't until now.

Yesterday we went to the hospital in Oldham for a scan. Chloe is ten weeks' pregnant. :))))))

I was supopsed to wait until week 12 to say anything but after the scan she agreed I could tell everyone. What better way to spend any day (whether February 14th or otherwise) than looking at this brand new little life inside the women I love. A new little life that, less than 7 months from now, will be a tiny little person lying in my arms.

After the hospital, we went to my sister's/ We'd left our son there (he's on half term this week and having fun with Auntie Stacey and his baby cousin is high on his agenda). We told my sister and our boy at the same time to the same delighted response of both of them. Then we visited Chloe's parents. As we were about to spill the beans, our son beat us to it:

"I've got some news," Chloe told them..... and then she paused because tears were forming in her eyes. Our boy was clearly a little impatient.

"Can I tell them?" he asked, looking at her.

She nodded, smiled and kissed his head.

"I'm getting a brother or a sister!"

There were tears and smiles. Our family and friends are so delighted for us.

Chloe will be around 22 weeks' pregnant when we fly to Cuba to marry. We hadn't, of course, planned for that to be the case. But we don't care :) We could not be happier. We found out just before Christmas and it made Christmas so so so special. The hardest thing was not telling people - literally not a soul.

I am full of happy right now. Boy, girl... we don't care. It will be a tiny little person who will come into the lives of the most loving Dad, the most loving Mother and the most loving big brother - 3 people who want this little baby more than anything in the world.

My sister said pretty much the exact same thing I said once all this sank in.

"I wish Mum was here."

And I do too. Every time something happens, we feel like that. But it's a warm and happy feeling, knowing how happy she would have been.

And my boy will be the bestest big brother in the world.

I am excited. So, so excited.... but more than anything, thankful.

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