Thursday, January 27, 2011


It’s just over 3 months until I become Chloe’s husband. Preparations are well underway. Flights and accommodation booked for our close family and friends (and us of course), arrangements made for my sister to look after my son for the week and a half after the wedding so Chloe and I can stay on in Cuba for our honeymoon, Chloe has a dress (which I am absolutely forbidden from asking any questions about)....

There’s still a surprising amount to do though. We have to get my parents’ wedding rings adjusted (well, my Mother’s at least) and Chloe has a long list of things related to bridesmaids dresses and similar. I don’t ask questions lol.

My next job is a tux for myself, for my best man and for my little pageboys. My son and nephew are going to be pageboys. My nephew will turn two just a few weeks before I marry and he will be a dapper little dude in his mini-tux.

The fact there is so much to do seems to make the time just fly. It only seems like two minutes ago that I got down on my knee by a freezing, cold, wet canal side and asked her to marry me.

Exciting times.

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