Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love me at my Lowest

There’s a certain strength in love that means you find yourself able to overcome almost anything with the help of that special someone.

My Mother always told me that someone who could love me at my lowest deserved me at my best. It was another “mum-ism” that I just brushed off. But I am inclined now to truly agree. If someone gives you their love when you’re in a pretty low place, it makes you want to be in a better place for them. It makes you want to fight to get back on top. That said, I truly feel like Chloe has given me so much of the strength I’ve found in recent months.

I never believed in an unconditional romantic love. Unconditional parental or sibling love, sure. But I’ve always struggled to believe that romantic love could possibly ever truly be unconditional. Until Chloe. I know my feelings for her will not fade and I know that if we have a bad day, it will never bring our relationship into question. She feels the same and the fact I know she feels the same without ever needing to question is the reason that I know she and I belong together.

I’ve been in love twice in my life. I think I’m lucky. Some people are never in love at all. But I’ve had the opportunity to experience two beautiful loves. The first transitioned, eventually, to a friendship that was beautiful in its own right. I did not know I loved her romantically until... well... until it was too late. But she knew, I think, by the time she had to leave this world.

And then Chloe, about whom I write so much that you are probably sick of her name. But this is the love that will last my lifetime.

For loving me at my lowest, Chloe, and I’ll always strive to be my best.

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