Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back into Routine....

I didn't sleep last night. Not much anyway. It was 3:30am last time I checked the time and I was up at 6. So I'm feeling somewhat the worse for wear though a caffeine overdose is helping.

I wasn't thinking about anything or worrying about anything in particular. I'm just out of routine having been out of the office for almost 2 weeks. It's good to get back into routine, as even my son concurred when I got him up for his first day back at school this morning.

"Rise and shine, Mister," I said, perching myself on the end of his bed. "It's snowed again!"

Sure enough he darted out of his bed to the window to see the snow damage. Not enough to be off school but enough that he could make snowballs on his way to school.

"I'm glad I am going back to school," he told me. "I've missed my friends."

I took him in myself this morning and watched him race into the company of his buddies as if he had not seen them in years.

I remember how cool it felt to see your mates for the first time again after school holidays.

He's had an exciting break. Christmas, New Year, Uncle Craigy's wedding and his own birthday. It's been amazing. He was a pageboy at the wedding and I was best man. On the morning of the wedding as we "tuxed up," he said,

"We look good, Dad."

He loves to wear a suit or tux.... but as expected, there were holes in the knees by the end of the day as he took it upon himself to go tree climbing in said tux!

Oh well... I remember being there too!

So it has been an eventful couple of weeks for both me and my boy. And now, back into routine. It's going to be a busy year....

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