Friday, April 12, 2013

Letting Go

Regret tends not to get anyone very far. Not ever.

We can (and very much should) be apologetic for our mistakes. We should admit our wrongs, acknowledge and, where required, apologise for them. But we shouldn’t spend our lives feeling bad about them, regretting them…

We have to move on.

I’ve been, at times, an asshole of a boyfriend, husband, brother, son and friend. In times when I had no clue what I wanted from my life or during times I’ve been living in a past, I’ve made decisions that have hurt others.

And I have said sorry many, many times.

But regret, if you let it, will swallow you up. It will stop you from living in your present and giving your all to those around you.

I made a decision some time ago to stop regretting things. We make mistakes. It’s part of the human disposition. How you respond to them and the learnings you take from them is what will ultimately define you as a person.

I was, once upon a time, a pretty unreliable brother. I was an awful boyfriend, a lethargic son (‘sure, Mum… I’ll call you later.’). I’ve changed. I’ve grown as a human being. My children and my wife have changed me for the better. Happiness and genuine satisfaction with my life has changed me for the better.

We cannot live wrapped up in mistakes we’ve made. And it feels good to let them go.

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