Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adam Vs Children

This weekend will be, erm, busy.

I am sending my sister and my wife off to a spa for the weekend. Chloe is exhausted and, well, my sister doesn’t even pretend to need an excuse for a weekend of pampering. The spa weekend will do them BOTH the world of good.

What that means, is that I will be at home with my son (aged 7), my daughter (4 weeks this weekend) and my nephew (2 and half – almost).

Now, the baby on her own is a dream. Yes, she cries. But not all that much really and she’s so adorable when she smiles at you that it’s all ok. My son, alone, is great! He’s well behaved, likes documentaries, movies and playing football (I love all that stuff too). My nephew alone is, well, he’ll keep you busy, let’s say that. He’s an adorable, albeit very cheeky little chap.

But when you put my son and nephew together it becomes utter chaos. And when you add a baby into the mix (a baby who my son thinks he is the sole protector of and who my nephew thinks is his play toy) and well, it’s a stressful job!

But I’m actually looking forward to it. Movies, football, walks and chill time.

My nephew is in bed by 7:30 most nights and my son by 9:30 at weekends. So, subject to my baby girl, I might even have a couple of hours to myself.

Adam vs Children begins this Friday at 5pm live from Manchester.

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