Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I was treated to cake today, baked by a seven year old who then iced it with footballs and the word ‘Dad.’ My Father’s day card had two names on it. My son’s name and ‘Bumpette.’ That’s the interim name for our little girl until we finally decide what she will be called.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that I got a second Father’s day card from our two dogs (thank you Chloe!).

It was wonderful to enjoy a quiet day with my family… and the ‘Dad Appreciation’ was incredible too. So thank you to my beautiful family.

As they sleep now, my mind wanders to my own Father. There have been 24 Father’s Days that have passed since he passed away. However, it’s only since I became a Father myself that I have really understood what the hollow feeling on this day each year actually is.

My Mother used to tell me I was a lot like my Father in character though I was too young when we lost him to really know which elements of my character she meant.

I don’t remember much about him, to be honest. But what I do know is that he stole my Mother’s heart. I know that she never, ever, ever stopped loving him and that when she was at her sickest, what kept her smiling was a genuine belief that she would be reunited with him soon.

So I truly believe he must have been one hell of a fellow to convince her to move from her native Argentina to the cold, damp UK, to leave her family and to start all over again with him thousands of miles from everyone and everything she knew. My Mother was a tough cookie to crumble. If he were able to gain her love as he did, he must have been a phenomenal guy.

My Father died before I was old enough to have enjoyed a first football match with him (but I do remember his Manchester City shirt collection and have very vague memories of singing City songs with him as a young child). I was never able to introduce my first girlfriend to him or share exam results with him. But I was assured by my Mother that he would be proud. That’s reassuring.

So to my Father, my Mother’s soul mate, the man whose presence seemed prevalent in our household long after his physical being had left…. Happy Father’s Day.

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