Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Morning

The sun sneaks through a crack in the curtains before 5am. I wake up, check the time and roll over sighing. Late enough that I probably won’t get back to sleep. Early enough that I will be exhausted before 6 tonight.

And then I see you… dribbling on the pillow (sorry, babe!) with the corners of your mouth slightly upturned in a sleeping smile. I brush the hair back from in front of your face so I can look at you. Peaceful. I rest my hand on your stomach to see if I can feel her kicking. Most mornings she’s still but nonetheless, I like to check.

I wake you. Unintentionally. But you’re not mad. Instead you smile I lay on my back and invite you to rest your head on my chest.

“Good morning, handsome,” you say.

“Good morning,” I respond.

We lie back and we enjoy a silent hour’s snoozing…. Because we know it won’t be long until we’re joined in bed by two crazy little dogs and a seven year old boy.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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