Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Vows

Kiss me and miss me whenever I’m away,
Hug me and love me and promise me you’ll stay.

I’m in the process of writing wedding vows at the moment. For someone who puts pen to paper so often, this is proving surprisingly difficult. How on Earth can you possibly tell someone using just 26 letters how much you love them?

I won’t put anything I’m drafting on my blog (maybe after the wedding). This post is intended mostly as a brain dump and thoughts on the process in general.

It’s tough. Everything you can think you want to say seems somehow clichéd or not quite good enough. She knows how I feel, not only because I tell her in words every single day but because there is a certain chemistry between us. She knows it because it’s in what I do every single day, it’s in the kisses, the cuddles and baths I run for her after a hard day. It’s in the breakfasts in bed at the weekend and it’s downloading her favourite films for a weekly movie night. It’s finishing work early to surprise her at her office and it’s the quiet moments we reserve for one another when we turn off our electronics and shut the rest of the world out, just to enjoy each other for a silent hour. It’s in the air between us and everything around us.

How can you explain something that is in EVERYTHING using just 26 letters?

And so the wedding vow mission continues....

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Stace said...

It doesn't matter what you say to eachother on the day. You're absolutely perfect together and everyone knows it.

Im so happy for you both