Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happiness Earned

You know far more than you should know
For your sweet, tender years.
You’ve felt more pain than you should feel,
You’ve cried too many tears.
You’ve said goodbye too many times,
Watched those who love you weep.
You’ve battled with emotions
And you’ve cried yourself to sleep.

But here you are, my brown eyed boy,
Emerging from the seas,
Embracing life, a child again,
Just as this life should be.

And as we watch you rise again,
And learn to be a child,
I know she watches just as close,
With proud and beaming smile.

So fear not, my son, your happiness.
It’s earned, do not feel bad.
For though she’s gone, we know for one,
She'd hate you to be sad.

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