Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can I Have my Break, Already?

I'm only a few days away from a 2 week break to the sunniest, most beautiful islands in the world (in my humble opinion, of course).

But oh my God are they dragging.

Work, work, work... which actually I love. But then drama, drama, drama too... which I love much less.

1. Chloe was the victim of an attempted break in the other night... and then again at the back window last night. So the police are pretty convinced it's a personal or a targetted thing, likely aimed at the previous tenant of the house she lives in. She's only lived there a couple of months and hasnt really given the address out so much, whereas the previous tenant, it's emerging, moved out in a vast hurry. As such, she'll be staying with me from this evening and will be able to take advantage of my place being empty while I am away. Nonetheless however, it's drama and upheaval everyone could have lived without...

2. My best friend broke up with his Fiancee. I'm gutted for him, I really am.

3. My son has decided that it's "absolutely impossible" for planes to stay in the air. I did reiterate that planes very much do stay in the air and that he himself had been on enough to know, to which he resopnded;

"Well what holds it up? And why does gravity not count for planes?"

Cue me researching aeroplanes and their inner workings rapidly in order to avoid an airport upset when he and I go to board said plane next week.

So today has been dramaful, to say the least. And I am tired.

Can I have my break, already?


Skylar Smythe said...
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Orchid said...

Here is a link to kid focused 'Why planes fly'

Orchid said...

ok another link for kids on how planes fly from NASA:

Have a great trip!

Josue Habana said...

You guys rock.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked the above site and links to help with fear of flying especially in kids:) Have a great trip!

Kia Winslet said...

Hi Josue...I check your blog a lot to see how your trip was. I hope you had an amazingly wonderful time. I'm sure you guys had fun. Don't come back to the real world!