Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Result

Yesterday I talked about the girl I'm into, the one who is into to me too but think that my 'heart belongs to' an ex.

Well, using my six year old son's theory last night I put it to her that I don't want anyone else. The result?

Well, I got a kiss. Start, right? However, it was followed by a 'but.....'

"but... I don't believe you."

"You think I'm lying?"

"Not to me. I think you're lying to yourself."

Deep. Over philosophical.

She says she hopes I'm right but that her instincts tell her otherwise and she suggested we continue to see one another casually and that we will both just 'know' when the time is right to step it up.

On one level I'm thinking, 'Wow, a girl who is actively encouraging me to see her and other people casually.' And on the other hands I'm thinking that it undermines how I feel about her.

The good news, however, is that she's interested - definitely interested. At least that's what I could gather from what she said:

"I'm smitten with you. I'm in too deep to walk but I need to know you're ready."

So I'm thinking that's a positive sign....


Dannah Bridger said...

Wishing you all the best with this relationship, Josue!

Josue Habana said...

Thank you very much :)