Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bumbling Brown

For anyone herein the UK, you'll have been hard pressed to miss the election coverage.... that will include Gordon 'Bumbling' Brown's f**k up today.

So, the man is currently sitting third in the polls, it's pretty commonly perceived that he will be out of power on 6th May. So what does he do to win back voters? He calls an old aged pensioner a 'bigot.' Let me show you...

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking.

"What a prat."

I agree.... but not because of what he said.

First of all, the lady in question did make what could be construed as a bigoted comment in regard to the number of Eastern European immigrants arriving in the UK. Of course, that bit hasn't been played back and forth across all the news channels all day.

But Brown is a prat. He played into the old stereotype that politicians are all smiles when they're campaigning for your votes but that they're all sneers behind closed doors. Oh, and then he went creeping back up her ass. He apologised profusely on the radio and then went back to the old lady's house and spent 40 minutes apologising.

Now, a couple of things make him a prat, in my opinion, for that.

1. She made a bigoted comment. If he thought it was bigoted, why didn't he have the decency to point that out to her face?? An honest politician being honest even when it might not go in their favour is something that would actually probably WIN votes.

2. The whole apologising and creeping and claiming he misunderstood something she said. WHy not just say, "She made a comment that I found derogatory towards immigrants." Stick by your guns, Gordon. Don't just back down.

3. Oh and he is obviously a prat for not checking his mic was off! How many years have you been doing this, Gordon?

So, am I voting Labour in the coming election? Well, my options are limited. There's Conservative David Cameron, who I wouldn't trust looking after my gerbil, let alone my country. And there's Nick 'Nobody knew my name two weeks ago' Clegg for the Lib Dems. So my choices are limited.

Now, Brown lacks any real charisma, but we are just recovering from the biggest economic crisis in a generation and boy can that man crunch his numbers. So yes, I will be voting Labour.

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