Monday, January 30, 2012

Number 3!

I’ve been waiting for today like an impatient child waiting for Santa. I’ve been waiting so I could tell my son, my sister, my friends… I’ve been dying to say something to just about ANYONE but promised I would keep schtum until today.

We let my son have the morning off school so he could come with us and find out for himself. Then we went for lunch with my sister and, before either Chloe or me could get a word in, our son told my sister.

Then we went to see Chloe’s parents and our son told them the good news. Then it was to the phone to ring around my nearest and dearest who aren’t close enough to just pop in on.

And now that’s done, I can put it here.

We’re having another baby!!!!!

Number 3 will be with us in early August – probably just before Sophie’s first birthday.

We didn’t plan to have another baby within a year of Sophie’s birth. But by the same token we didn’t do anything to prevent it. And we’ve discussed how wonderful it will be to have two so close together in age. Our son is enjoying his older brother role and will feel like King of the Kids with 2 younger siblings to protect.

He’s excited!

Needless to say, our little girl is far too young to understand (she’s only just 5 months old)!

But I understand and today I’m so happy to be able to share it. I promised I’d wait until the 12 week scan, which was this morning. Our son just loved it – as much as Chloe and I did.

What a wonderful feeling. I’m ALL KINDS of excited all over again.

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