Monday, October 17, 2011

A Party and a Getaway

This week, I'll turn 30. I was hoping it might slip quietly by but there's little chance of that with my son, sister and wife!

I was told this morning (it was an attempted surprise but in order to make it work with my timings/meetings/other plans they had to tell me) that there's a whole weekend of activity planned. Friday night will be a gathering with the whole family and lots of friends. A party, if you will!

I'm surprisingly excited given the list of people I'm advised will be there. My son is really excited too. It will be awesome to see everyone.

And on Saturday myself and Chloe will go away just for a night.

"On Saturday, me and Sophie are going to go stay with Auntie Stacey," my son told me, "So you and Chlo can relax. Stacey said you're going to get mushy. That's disgusting. So I don't want to know about that."


But indeed, Chlo has booked us an evening in one of my favourite places and it will be lovely to relax.

No chance of a big birthday passing by silently, it seems.

There'll be cake too, I'm told, though a certain 7 year old was keen to point out, "We won't be able to fit all those candles on but we'll put a few on for you."

Thanks, guys :)

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California Red said...

It will be a LONG time before you qualify as OLD!

Happy Birthday! By, the way growing older is mandatory, growing UP is optional!

Enjoy your mushy!