Monday, October 24, 2011

Soul Mates and Friends

Let us simply lie together,
Underneath the sky forever,
Stars will whisper lover’s song
This place is where we two belong.

My son asked me a poignant question this morning.

“Was Chloe your friend first or your girlfriend first?”

“Friend,” I told him. “She was one of my best friends, then we were sort of boyfriend and girlfriend for a while and then we were just friends again. And then we met up many years later, became boyfriend and girlfriend again and then got married.”

“So is it better if your girlfriend is your friend first.”

“Absolutely,” I told him. “Much better... Chloe is still my best friend.”

“So now she is your friend and she’s your wife?” he asked.

“Yes. Husbands and wives should always be great friends too.”

“I think so too, Dad. Cos I really like all my friends and we laugh together all the time. When I get married I want to like my wife just as much as I like my friends.”

That had me reminiscing silently, alone as I drove to work. Every relationship I’ve enjoyed  has be born of a fabulous friendship first and foremost. It’s important to remain friends. Sometimes, when you spend so much time with someone, you can take them for granted. I think friendship stops that happening to some degree.

I love the moments I spend with Chloe because the conversation is easy, the laughter is abundant and we never run out of things to say. Even if we have a stressed out few days or an argument or one of us is feeling a little under the weather for a couple of days, it’s never long until we’re laughing in one another’s company and having a good conversation about anything and everything.

That friendship is the foundation of everything.

The love was always there. It was just silent for a time as our hearts fathomed out what they were really looking for. But it was always there.

Friendship is the foundation on which everything good is built. Friendship, love, respect and understanding. We have it and we’re blessed.

I was moved today by a quote I read by Maya Angelou;

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine.”

What beautiful words that sum up soul mates so well.

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