Monday, August 5, 2013


I've been fortunate enough to meet and know a lot of talented people. I've been close to talented writers, teachers, artists, musicians, dancers, actors and business people.

Talent manifests itself in so many different ways. Yet any type of talent has a common enemy - lacking self belief.

If you don't believe in you, you make it harder for anyone else to believe in you.

I watch many I've believed in over the years succeed, sometimes from afar and sometimes from up close. And it feels wonderful.

A good friend of mine landed a book publishing deal and her first novel will be out in a month. She can still hardly believe it having doubted her own capabilities for so very long.

My wife's artwork will be exhibited locally in Autumn. She can hardly believe it, having struggled for so long to believe as much in her own talent as those around her did. As soon as she developed a bit of self-confidence, her natural talents came through bigger and stronger.

My son has been enrolled into a professional football league club's youth academy, despite having spent a couple of years frustrated at being 'too small' in his own eyes. Once that mindset changed and he started to believe he was a good footballer, his talents shone.

And there are so many more of you out there succeeding in making the most of your talents.

But it's difficult to do until you see in yourself what those closest to you see. Open your eyes, talented folks, and look at what you can achieve when you just believe in yourself.

It's pretty amazing.

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