Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Walk into the Apocalypse

Sometimes someone saves you from yourself... and a couple of years ago, someone did just that for me.

Thank you x

The clouds were twisting into a
threatening labyrinth of storms.
The world was on fire
And buildings that once housed
Love, family, prosperity, success
Were a mangled mess of rubble.
All that was beautiful was crushed.
And all that was warm was frozen
And I watched as the world
Began to end.
I sat cross legged on the hilltop,
Acidic tears carving rivers of fire
Into my cheeks
And I listened as children shrieked,
As women cried,
As men crumbled and roared fierce
Fear into the mouth of an apocalypse
That would show no mercy.

I stood and took my first steps
Down that hill.
The fire raged hotter each step.
The screams became louder,
The storm more violent
As friends turned their backs
On one another
In favour of a few more minutes to live.

“Don’t walk into the apocalypse,”
She whispered into my ear.
“Stop before you get any closer.”

But I walked and I walked
Until the flames were uncomfortably close
Until the heat forced tears from me
And until I was treading over
Those who’d perished first.

“Don’t walk into the apocalypse,”
She begged of me.
“Don’t walk into the apocalypse.”

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